Here’s one book tour performer it’s OK for Lena Dunham not to pay: Tonight, “life partner” Jack Antonoff will play with his band Bleachers at her reading. But that’s not all — friend, Girls co-star, and kick-ass chick prototype Jemima Kirke will join in for a Q&A sesh hosted by — and here’s the real kicker — literary heavyweight Zadie Smith. Take a step back; now breathe. It’s no secret that our local girl Lena has been associated with some questionable (read: dickish) management choices when it comes to this very tour, but that doesn’t take away from her status as a feminist mover and shaker, or the supreme relatability of the essay topics she covers in Not That Kind of Girl, from keeping an obsessive food log to guys who secretly rip off the condom mid-sex and hide it in your potted plant. She hits the same high mark of comedy and compassion that she dances around during the best moments of Girls, and reading this, you can just feel the future plotlines unfold.

Tue., Oct. 21, 7:30 p.m., 2014