Schneiderman Reminds the Voice, ‘I Have Not Done Cocaine in 30 Years’


Updated at bottom, Monday, October 20, 3:15 p.m. In some bizarro-world, Donald Trump and Randy Credico might have been rivals in an election for New York State governor. (Credico lost the Democratic primary in September; Trump abandoned his bid for the Republican nomination in March.) Instead, the proud pothead (Credico, who campaigned as “the only politician in America who smokes pot…and will admit it”) and the avowed teetotaler (Trump) are teaming up to accuse Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of being a total cokehead.

Credico has been muttering accusations against Schneiderman on Twitter for weeks now. It started back in September, when Schneiderman held a press conference to announce a major narcotics bust codenamed “Operation Horseback.” More than 40 people connected to a Syracuse drug ring were indicted.

Credico took to Twitter to accuse his “ex cokehead pal,” “Eric the nose,” of “calling the kettle white.” (Get it? Because cocaine is…never mind.)

Page Six picked up the accusations this morning, quoting Credico saying, “I saw him, Schneiderman, put it up his nose, a white powder.” The Post calls Credico a “political activist,” but fails to mention that his present political activity involves campaigning for Schneiderman’s opponent Ramon Jimenez. (Credico has produced two pro-Jimenez, anti-Schneiderman videos.)

Schneiderman has admitted to using pot and cocaine in the past, but his office takes exception to the allegation that he ever did drugs with Randy Credico. A Schneiderman rep told the Post that “what’s truly laughable — and absolutely, unequivocally false — is the notion that these two individuals ever did drugs together.”

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The Page Six item was, in turn, picked up by Fox and Friends, which invited friend of the show and longtime Schneiderman antagonist Trump to comment on the accusations. The Donald doubled down: “As far as I’m concerned he probably still does [coke],” he said. Trump, whom the attorney general is presently suing for fraud, went on to suggest that the drugs were clouding his judgment: “He’s sued a lot of companies, and frankly driving business out of New York. He’s considered one of the worst attorney generals, really the worst attorney general, in the country. A very weak, very pathetic [person].”

Schneiderman, in any event, is polling well in the lead-up to the November election — the attorney general is 16 points ahead of his Republican challenger, John Cahill.

Update: Monday, October 20, 3:15 p.m. After the publication of this story, the attorney general’s spokesman, Peter Ajemian, reached out to reiterate that while Schneiderman has admitted to doing cocaine, he only admitted to doing it in the distant past — at least 30 years ago. The attorney general continues to unequivocally deny Credico’s allegation that he used cocaine while holding public office.

“Credico’s claims are utterly false. As he made clear in the 2010 campaign, Eric has not done any illegal drugs in more than 30 years,” Ajemian said in a statement. “Attorney General Schneiderman is proud to have been endorsed by law enforcement unions like the PBA of New York State, the Detectives Endowment Association, the Nassau and Suffolk County PBAs as well as dozens of prosecutors around the state because they applaud his outstanding record taking down some of the state’s largest drug gangs.”