Reminder: Tonight Marnie Stern Will Tell Dirty Stories, and Marnie the Dog Will Be Adorable


Update! If you missed it, watch the full video below

We’ve talked to Marnie Stern and Marnie the Dog about the tour stories they’re going to tell tonight at The Creek and Cave in Long Island City. [SPOILER ALERT] One of them contains the phrase “tore his penis.”

It’s going to be a fun, fun, fun night for the price of zero dollars. Marnie (Stern) will blow minds and Marnie (the Dog) will melt hearts (or maybe vice versa?) starting at 8 p.m., so hop on the 7 train or put on your most comfy walking shoes and come on out to Rumble Strip, which is what we’re calling this because “Road Stories” was already taken. But people will both rumble and strip tonight, so it’s fine. It’s fine.

See you there! In the meantime, watch Marnie and Marnie interview Mac DeMarco together on a boat after the jump.

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