Ty Dolla $ign Has Mad Bowling Tips


[Editor’s note: In “Tweets Is Watching,” Phillip Mlynar asks artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.]

On November 2, Ty Dolla $ign will be strutting onto the stage at Irving Plaza to air out his hits as part of the rap-styled warbler’s In Too Deep tour. It’s a spectacle the genial Ty promises will turn out to be “the best show people have ever seen in their life.” Off the back of those lofty words, then, here’s Ty$ running through timeline talk about his frequent cohort DJ Mustard, his love of J Dilla, and the all-important bowling/grilled-cheese nexus.

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How did you first hook up with DJ Mustard?
I first hooked up with him awhile ago when he was DJ’ing for YG, you know, and then one day he asked me to do some sounds for him — and then the next day he became the biggest producer in the world! Now he’s, like, the homie.

What do you like most about DJ Mustard’s productions?
His samples are straight to the point, the beats are always great, and he makes people want to party.

You’re a fan of J Dilla’s “Purple,” right?
Yeah, I’m a fan of really every J Dilla track. His production is different and it sounds great and when I listen to it, his production reminds me of A Tribe Called Quest and all the old-school real hip-hop shit. I collect records, too, like vinyl and shit, so I know that Dilla actually used to dig and look for crazy shit. One day I might be listening to some old shit and you’ll hear a little loop that Dilla put over his beats.

What would a collaboration between you and Dilla have been like?
Amazing. It would be fuckin’ next-level.

You posted a picture of a bowling alley in Cleveland to your Instagram account. Are you any good?
Yeah, I can bowl — and I can beat yo’ ass at bowling!

Well, I’m terrible at bowling. How good are you?
Pretty good. I usually hit strikes when everybody’s looking at me. I don’t mind the pressure. It works for me.

Have you ever bowled a perfect game?

Do you have any tips for someone who’s not very good at bowling?
Just, you know, try to aim for that little pin at the top. Mainly, I notice that when you bowl, a lot of professional bowlers don’t respect when you throw it straight at the pin — everybody wants you to do that curve shit. So practice on Nintendo Wii!

Do you like the bowling shoes they make you wear?
Nah, most times I wear my own shoes.

They let you do that?
Yeah, I break the rules!

Where was the grilled-cheese picture from?
Oh yeah, that was in Europe or some shit. We were trying to find something out there that was good to eat and that was like the closest thing to home, like making a grilled-cheese sandwich on the George Foreman grill and shit. It was like four or five different cheeses, crazy.

What’s your personal recipe for grilled cheese?
Cheddar, American, Swiss. [Pauses] I don’t really eat cheese like that, though, unless it’s grilled cheese.

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