Ebola Is Here, Twitter Freaks Out Vol. 2 [UPDATED]



We all know his name. We all know where he lives. We all know where he bowls. Social media has absolutely exploded in the 15-or-so hours since New York City announced its first confirmed Ebola case. New Yorkers have had much to say about the city’s response (de Blasio’s got this, btw), the fear-stoking media coverage, the alarmist public reaction, and the patient himself — Dr. Craig Spencer, to those who passed out before 9 p.m. last night and are only just now waking up. The Village Voice is wading through Twitter to find our favorite responses to the thus-far-not-really-a-crisis. We’ll keep adding to the list as long as you all keep sending your thoughts out into the world. Since there’s no chance of that not happening, who knows how long we can keep this up.

Leave it to Questlove to stay calm and break off some knowledge:

And now, continuing on to the best of the rest:


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