The Long Island Bar Outs ‘Pete Wells’ on Instagram


Critics can no longer hide from tech-savvy owners.

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Wondering what Pete Wells looks like? Have a long, hard look at this photo the Long Island Bar (110 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-625-8908) just posted in its basement for its staff.

Make that “Pete Wells.” Because the poster doesn’t depict the Pete Wells whose New York Times reviews can, in the eyes of many local restaurateurs, either make them or break them. This is Pete Wells, Head of Tertiary Department at Portland Academy, a school for special-needs kids in the United Kingdom.

Long Island Bar co-owner Joel Tompkins says he posted the pic to poke fun at places that plaster their walls with pictures of New York City critics. “You see that in restaurants from time to time, so we decided to have fun with it,” Tompkins says. Pete Wells — as in the Times man — “is a friend of my partner Toby [Cecchini],” who’s also a writer and contributor to the Times.

(Incidentally, if you want to see a photo of that Pete Wells that dates back to his mid-aughts reign as the Times‘ dining editor, it ain’t hard to find. Though the Gray Lady has removed the headshot from its prior perch, the internet doesn’t forget too easily.

This sort of thing is just another reason to love these guys. Long Island Bar is the Voice‘s 2014 Best of NYC Best Cocktail Bar.

We give it four stars.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 24, 2014

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