In Japanese, the word for “heavy” rhymes with the word for “baby,” making Babymetal an especially appropriate moniker for this band of petite 15-year-olds in black tutus and pigtails. Like they were born and reared in a Hot Topic store or backstage at a My Chemical Romance concert, the energetic trio produces manic pop-metal that’s sugary sweet and accessible, even with their backup band clad in bones and pounding out the basslines. In February they released their self-titled debut, containing the adorable “Head Bangya!!” and “Gimme Chocolate!!” Not sure if you can get down with song titles that all have double exclamation points? Go mainly for their amazing synced-up thrashing and explosive stage show. With their matching sparkles, studs, and shitkicker boots, Babymetal prove again and again that nobody rocks harder than pre-teen girls.

Tue., Nov. 4, 7 p.m., 2014

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