Set Your Clocks Straight With Hopsomniac IPA


“There goes the sun,” the Beatles famously sang…Oh wait, no they didn’t. Because no one wants to see less sunshine — save for vampires, goth kids, and the sadist ninnies who enjoy setting their clocks back this weekend. Sure, they’ll say, the extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning will be swell. But it’s all downhill from there. Starting next week, you can expect afternoons of early-onset darkness to help get you through those final few exhausting hours in the office. That’s certainly nothing to sing about.

It doesn’t mean we can’t drink to it, however. There is a beer for that. It’s Captain Lawrence’s brand-new Hopsomniac IPA, brewed with Stumptown cold-brew coffee.

Let’s toast this one to good ol’ George Vernon Hudson, native New Zealander and inventor of Daylight Savings Time. Never before nor since has a Kiwi wielded such influence over the affairs of man. Such a powerful chap would surely have appreciated a strong adult beverage such as Hopsomniac. Clocking in at a 6.5 percent ABV, with a solid 65 IBUs, the beer tames the bitterness of fresh-brewed coffee with the lemony zing of Sorachi Ace hops. Ever enjoy a zest of lemon with your espresso? Now you can get drunk off it. Ahh, the joys of craft beer.

Nine times out of 10, when coffee meets beer, it’s to form a stout. When Captain Lawrence Brewmaster Scott Vaccaro decided to bring the bean of caffeine into a pale ale, folks must surely have thought him crazy. It was those same haters who pooh-poohed Vernon Hudson when he proposed tampering with our temporal reality. But it takes fearless warriors such as these to shun the naysayers and drag society forcibly into a bold, hour-adjusted future. Early Sunday morning, as the clock on your smartphone magically jumps from 1:59 back to 1:00, please think of these trailblazers. Also, enjoy that additional hour between you and last call.

Hopsomniac IPA, brewed with Stumptown Coffee Roasters cold-brew coffee, is available in bottled six-packs exclusively at Whole Foods Market throughout the Tri-State starting in November. Alternatively, you can hit up the Elmsford-based brewery to taste it on tap. Forget Folgers — the best part of waking up is IPA in your cup.