Rye Offers $5 Burgers and Old-Fashioneds


Each Monday, we’re highlighting a bargain meal worth seeking out in this city. Most will feed you for less than $10.

Cal Elliott, executive chef and owner of Rye (247 South 1st Street, Brooklyn; 718-218-8047), has made his way through some highly acclaimed kitchens across the city — he’s an alumnus of Verbena, The Dining Room, Gramercy Tavern, and beloved Bedford Avenue burger joint DuMont. He was also executive chef of the now-closed Michelin-starred Brooklyn restaurant Dressler, where then-New York Times reviewer Frank Bruni praised his work: “Elliott’s contribution to the Williamsburg culinary scene has been significant, helping to put the neighborhood on the map as one of New York City’s premier places to eat.”

At Rye, Elliott’s fare isn’t extravagantly expensive, but it’s also not cheap. However, the restaurant offers one hell of a burger and old fashioned deal every weekday.

Monday through Friday, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., both the upstairs restaurant bar and the more casual B.B.R. (short for Bar Below Rye) offer the $5 burger and $5 old-fashioned special.

The little burgers are composed of two small yet thick three-ounce patties. Each juicy hunk is covered with a golden layer of American cheese; they’re served on a potato bun with house-made pickles, special sauce, and frisée.

These ground meat patty sandwiches may be a bit smaller than what you’ll find at your average burger place, where most patties measure out to about eight ounces or a quarter-pound. Even so, at this price point, you can easily double up, if need be.

Wash it all down with an Old Overholt Rye old-fashioned, which the bar offers for the same fee.