The 10 Best Pieces of Freddie Gibbs Fan Art


There’s no doubt 2014 has turned out to be a banner year for Freddie Gibbs, capped by his magnificent team-up with Madlib for the Piñata album. While touring off the spoils of that project, Gibbs has been accumulating fans around the world, with many of them lavishing him with gifts of weed, soccer jerseys, and, yep, homemade artwork. Ahead of Gibbs’s NYC spot on Monday, November 3 at Rough Trade, here’s a countdown of the best Freddie Gibbs fan art.

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Classic black-and-white lines for a classic gangsta rapper.

Splitting the cocaine piñata atom.

Sir Frederick of Gibbsville and his faithful hounds. (Via Archerone)

A pensive posture is struck as Gibbs contemplates the blunt. (Via Haleywby)

Slick lines complement Gibbs’s slick three-stripe suit. (Via WhipSite)

A smoke-swirled take on the phenomenon of Gibbs. (Via Pencil Fingerz)

A straight-up graffiti tribute straight outta France.

Top-notch brush skills pay homage to Gangsta Gibbs. (Via Brushwork)

Taking fan art to the extreme and keeping it permanent! #dedication

The two Piñata masterminds, together as one. (Via Illestration)

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