Biblical Proportions


Tommy Hartung’s show, modestly titled “THE BIBLE” — the all-caps shout seems fitting — orbits around his 48-minute film of the same name, which is projected on a large wall. Loosely based on the Old Testament, the film’s most prevalent images are of destruction and moral decay.

Hartung has culled far-ranging images from video-game screens and surfed TV channels and interspersed them with scenes shot in his studio and starring his complicated assemblage sculptures. The soundtrack varies in tone and cadence, from an impassive voice describing a gay hate-crime murder to another voice talking about enlisting in the U.S. armed forces after 9/11. The cumulative effect might be liberal dross if it weren’t for the leavening done by Hartung’s deeply weird images.

Three-dimensional versions of some of those images haunt the gallery in a series of sculptures,forming a menagerie of menace: a monkey with a man’s face, a three-headed (at least) man-woman made of bones, body parts, wigs, and twine (the piece includes bits and bobs from mannequins, whose goofy presence lightens the mood), and cascades of found stuff. Almost all have some kind of light issuing from within that adds to the room’s glow.

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Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: Nov. 5. Continues through Nov. 30, 2014