Here’s a Recipe for the Mirage, a Blood Orange-Soaked Twist on the Blood and Sand


Sick of your usual call drink? Try something new. In this series, we’re asking the city’s bartenders to name their current drinks of choice.

Today’s call comes by way of Josh Mazza, co-owner of The Gilroy (1561 Second Avenue; 212-734-8800), Ducks Eatery (351 East 12th Street; 212-432-3825), and JBird Cocktails (339 East 75th Street; 212-288-8033).

A native of Australia, where he studied at La Trobe University Bendigo, Mazza’s New York credits also include serving as the head bartender at Vintry Wine & Whiskey. Here’s his take on why the mirage is an updated classic worth seeking out this fall season:

My personal favorite [cocktail] is a blood and sand. There’s a version of this classic that a bartender I worked with created a couple of years back called the mirage.

Blood orange only has a short season, so I tend to drink as many of these as I can get my hands on in the winter months. All my drink choices tend to be determined by weather, time of day, and season, so when the air starts to dry out, and I start seeing more jackets than avocados, I know it’s nearly time to coax my friendly local bartender into picking up a few blood oranges. The guys at Penrose and Infirmary are always accommodating.

When the snow is all melted and the crisp spring air starts to thicken — sometime in May, usually — the blood oranges suddenly disappear and it’s time to return to my summertime staple, the mezcal negroni.

The Mirage
One part Black Grouse scotch
One part Cherry Heering
One part Barolo Chinato
One part blood orange juice

Shake. Serve up.