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Extend the Halloween season until tonight, when horror master R.L. Stine joins an improv team for a special performance at The Tank. All ’90s kids will remember the ridiculously prolific Stine from his book series, Goosebumps, which featured out-there stories of murderous piano instructors, haunted sleepaway camps, and possessed ventriloquist’s dummies. Tonight, the tales that tormented a generation of children serve as fodder for comedy sketches, as interpreted by The Internet Disagrees, an indie troupe that won “Best NYC Improv Show” at the 2014 Creek Awards. The show opens with an interview with Dave Herman of two-man improv team Dosage, followed by Stine, who reads passages from his books, which serve as prompts for TID. The pre-sale is sold out, but you can get your ticket at the door.

Sat., Nov. 8, 7 p.m., 2014

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