What It’s Like to Be Taylor Swift, in Illustrated Form


“Welcome to New York” aside, we’re in awe of Taylor Swift, and we’re not saying that ironically — which, sadly, is how Swift initially viewed Lena Dunham’s follow on Twitter. “I was really scared [Dunham] was being ironic,” Swift told Rolling Stone. “But I decided to follow her [back] anyway, just in case.”

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Swift and Dunham are now BFFs who play dress-up in vintage nightgowns (pretending to be pioneer women) in Swift’s penthouse apartment in New York City.

Recently Swift pulled off the ultimate gift to her most loyal fans: She bused fans to her personal homes in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville (and into a hotel in London), and invited them into her living room for a private listening party for her new album, 1989. Swift took Polaroids with every fan, let them play with her kitten, and baked cookies.

The question now is: Taylor Swift, can we be friends?

Here’s what the superstar had to say about what it’s like to live under the media’s microscope: