12 Important Life Lessons Gleaned From Kool Keith’s Twitter Account


Kool Keith is many things: a lyrical legend, an original oddball of the rap scene, and a man with a penchant for the kinkier side of the bedroom arena. He’s also something of a top Twitter fiend, with a timeline lit up by his wonky witticisms and off-kilter musings. So in honor of the release of Keith’s new album, Teddy Bass Presents: El Dorado Driven, here’s a guide to living life the Kool Keith way, as revealed through his Twitter feed. Enjoy!

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1. Buffing up on pornography is the secret to a successful live show.

2. A bottle of the Bawse’s Belaire Rose is the only respectable tipple.

3. A formal scarf pulls together even the most eclectic of outfits.

4. Breasteses on the birthday cake is a must.

5. Always respect the architects.

6. Maintain a strong ice-cream game.

7. Liner note reading is fundamental.

8. Always make sure that Blowfly is your opening act.

9. Somewhere in the world’s it’s always horny o’clock.

10. When in Detroit, call up Danny Brown with all of your twerk tourist questions.

11. Be proud of your indie-rock connections.

12. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.

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