The world, or at least the internet, has recently been drawn back to Stars Hollow — that quaintest of quaint New England caricatures — thanks to the addition of Gilmore Girls to the Netflix oeuvre. Begging the question, how could we have forgotten about TV’s most harmonious, pop-culture-savvy, and caffeine-wired mother-daughter duo for so long? Tonight’s Gilmore Girls Party is about fixing that, and hashing out this Dean vs. Jess dilemma once and for all (Logan? Logan who?). Watch favorite episodes, play trivia, take part in drinking games or create your own — every time Emily rolls her eyes at something, or every time somebody gushes over Rory’s indisputable perfection, if you’re looking to get wrecked fast. Wear your best Lorelai (daisy dukes and a pink tie-dye T), Rory (Chilton uniform, always), Luke, Lane Kim, Sookie, Kirk, or Miss Patti costume to shake things up.

Fri., Nov. 21, 8 p.m., 2014