In Union Square, a Crowd Waits for the Grand Jury Decision on Ferguson Shooting


As much of the country waits for an announcement of the grand jury’s decision in the Ferguson shooting case, New York City activists have already begun gathering in Union Square.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has scheduled a press conference to discuss the verdict tonight at 9 p.m., and the NYPD have also already begun setting up barricades, according Twitter users.

A source tells the Voice that the protest is only one of multiple actions planned in solidarity with Ferguson protesters tonight.

Protests in the neighborhood are already gaining steam — they’ve got an array of signs and a megaphone.

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One group, the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, calls for activists who gather in Union Square to later “bring traffic to a halt” by marching either to the Brooklyn Bridge or to the Lincoln or Holland tunnels.

Another action: a “bike bloc” scheduled a meeting for 6 p.m. Monday, according to a Twitter update:

The event also will include a presence from New York’s Quaker community.

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton will hold a 9:15 p.m. press conference in Harlem about the grand jury decision, shortly after the decision is announced.

Activists say they’re also planning on meeting at Union Square again at 5 p.m. Tuesday for another protest, regardless of the jury’s final decision.

Michael Brown, 18, was fatally shot by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, 28, on August 9. His body lay in the street for several hours, and weeks of violent protests followed as the world’s media descended on Missouri to report on the aftermath.

Last week, Nixon declared a state of emergency and brought in the National Guard. That led some to believe Wilson, the police officer, may not be prosecuted.