Beer of the Week: A Jurassic Drink for Spielberg


Earlier this week, cinephiles were all aflutter about the surprise teaser trailer for the newest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise. But the preview for the future summer blockbuster of 2015 revealed a very predictable premise promising to rehash the same tired formula: two kids in a seemingly dino-tastic safari ultimately getting chased by angry, unleashed CGI monsters. You’d think the parents would have learned to steer their children away from live dinosaur zoos by now, but plot pitfalls be damned! Executive Producer Steven Spielberg would have it no other way. Play it safe, all the way to the bank. So let us congratulate the once-revolutionary Hollywood Icon on another solid corporate investment. We offer him the gift of grog, although he’ll have to phone home to the East Coast to catch this one, if he can.

Spielberg’s perfect pint is a no-brainer. In a happy coincidence, Kings County’s finest, Brooklyn Brewery–an icon in their own right–just released Quadraceratops into the wild. Their new addition is of prehistoric magnitude, roaring to life with a 9.9% A.B.V. And beyond the obvious reptilian references, the style of the beer itself is enough to entice the Bearded One to invest in a pour. Tried and true; a reliable Belgian Quad, offering the familiar notes of dark, stone fruit, and toasted caramel that’s made the genre a success since practically paleolithic times.

For the rest of us, the dark, medium-bodied brew is timely in that it’s distinct character is friendly to the holiday season, when we’re prone to stuffing our faces. As Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver points out, “Belgium’s Trappist ales and their secular offspring are some of the most rewarding beers in the world to pair with food. Their complex flavor gives you many reference points to work with in seeking harmony with a wide range of dishes.” And he would know: Oliver was a part of the craft brew seen all the way back when people actually looked forward to the next Indiana Jones movie.

Exclusively on draft throughout the city, Brooklyn’s latest release is part of their ongoing Brewmaster’s Reserve series. Meaning it’s destined to go extinct, barring some unforeseen cloning situation. But don’t get too alarmed. If Spielberg gets even a small taste, he’s sure to force a sequel–though it’s doubtful to have as much taste as the original.