Reverend Billy Holds a Thanksgiving Dinner on Monsanto’s Front Lawn


New York-based activist Reverend Billy and several members of his Stop Shopping Choir held a Thanksgiving meal outside Monsanto’s world headquarters in the suburban St. Louis community of Creve Coeur on Thursday, joined by around 25 people from San Antonio, Detroit, New York, and nearby Ferguson. Everyone brought homemade organic food that was laid out on a folding table on the front lawn of the biotech giant’s corporate campus.

“We came out here for Thanksgiving, because we felt that the ritual was the best way to do it,” said Savitri D, Billy’s director. “[Food is] the most direct relationship we have with the earth, and to come and have our most focused eating ritual here at Monsanto seemed to be the way to do it.”

Asked about any connection between Ferguson and Monsanto, Reverend Billy, famous for his anti-consumerist and anti-GMO sermons, commented, “They are two kinds of monsters: We’ve got white racist governments and police, and this company that is trying to own the food sources of the world and change the food with unlikely chemical experiments that they control, making all farmers everywhere buy Monstano seeds in the spring and copyright life itself.

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No arrests were made, and the local Creve Coeur police seemed, if anything, amused by the choir songs and sermons. Later in the evening, Billy went to a Ferguson-area Walmart to preach.

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