NYPD Cops Rip Bratton Online for Bailing Before Garner Decision: ‘Dehydration Happens When You Wet Yourself’


Officers of the New York Police Department have taken to the internet to rip Commissioner Bill Bratton for his decision to go to the hospital for dehydration just before a Staten Island grand jury announced that Daniel Pantaleo would not be indicted for killing Eric Garner.

Bratton received treatment for dehydration not long before the grand jury said it found no probable cause to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the white officer who put Eric Garner, an African American, in a chokehold, a move banned by the NYPD. The announcement has sparked outrage and protests that have caused disruption to streets, bridges, and trains and resulted in nearly 300 arrests.

The officers posted their remarks anonymously on popular message board Thee Rant, which is frequented and populated by members of the NYPD. The site touts itself as a haven for “New York City Cops speaking their minds.” In a thread that links to a December 4 Daily News story about Bratton’s trip to the hospital, commenters accused Bratton of wetting himself, performing oral sex on Mayor Bill de Blasio, and malingering in the face of peril.

“How convenient, on the most important day of his second tenure. If he was a real man he would of been out there while wheeling an IV drip,” wrote one user, “MilkNoSugar.”

Another user, “Rebel,” wrote: “He’s turned out to be one big mistake.”

The Voice is not able to confirm that the posts were written by actual police officers, but the site requires registration and that all members send a copy of their ID card to Thee Rant founder “EdPolecat.” No members are approved without submitting an ID, according to the site.

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Some of the posts are sarcastic and angry:

Others are vulgar and downright vicious:

Bratton was treated and released on December 3 and has since appeared publicly on television and at press conferences. The NYPD declined to make Bratton’s office available for comment when contacted by the Voice. Emails sent to both the NYPD and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office were not immediately returned.