Gift Guide 2014: 20 Holiday Gifts for Food-Obsessed New Yorkers


Food-obsessed New Yorkers of a certain age may still long for Bud Fox’s pasta maker in Wall Street, but for friends and relatives more Hannah Horvath than Daryl Hannah, we’ve scoured the city, assembling a score of delectable items guaranteed to impress on one night or eight.


1. Supreme Box Logo Espresso Cups ($12)
It’s no surprise Lafayette Street skateboard campsite Supreme has love for espresso: the baristas next door at La Colombe frequently don the shop’s gear. Now Supreme’s literally putting its iconic box logo where its mouth is with this single-shot demitasse, perfect for the brand’s thirstiest fans.

2. Boxhead Shiraz from Astor Wines ($11.99)
This southern Australian red is the only bottle Astor Wines’ website recommends you pair with kale. This should be enough information to help you make up your mind.

3. Bookmarc X Undercover GILApple Light ($250)
There’s nothing more New York than Marc Jacobs (sorry, Taylor Swift!), so be your new dorm-mate’s beaming ambassador with this taxi yellow big apple lamp with an old school cab headlight, on sale at the designer’s Bleecker Street bookshop.

4. Rookie Yearbook Three ($29.95)
Couldn’t get your kid sister tickets to Tavi’s star turn in This Is Our Youth? Instead, gift her the teenage wunderkind’s Rookie Yearbook Three, which includes this cut-out pizza pennant from food-obsessed local illustrator Monica Ramos.

5. Spodee Moonshine Wine from Brotherhood Winery ($7.99)
This milk-bottled moonshine looks as wholesome as your family on Christmas morning, and it couldn’t be more necessary by the time you’ve all finished dinner. Just know you’ll have to skip town to fetch a bottle — while the Prohibition Era recipe’s distilled in New York, the only place to find it in-state is on site at Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville.

6. The 212 Collection from Fishs Eddy ($4.95-$47.80)
The only thing more offensive than the 9/11 Museum selling memorial cheese plates was the Port Authority’s attempt to cease and desist with Fish’s Eddy’s 212 dishware. Before you’re hit with the next Metrocard increase, treat your favorite party host to a platter sporting some of the city’s most iconic Subway fare-funded architecture.

7. Soylent Starter Kit ($25)
It’s about nourishment while coding, but this two-liter gift set of Soylent’s powdered nourishment’s also the perfect gift for anyone opening up a PS4 on Christmas morning with no plans to press pause through New Year’s Eve.

8. May Sun’s Untitled (Four Napkins) from the MoMA Sto ($150)
Convince your friend who just jetted back from Instagramming Art Basel that these limited edition silkscreened linens are really an interactive art installation sure to disrupt their next dinner party.

9. Mike’s Hot Honey ($10)
Your partner’s kitchen doesn’t have the discipline of David Chang’s, and no one’s wiped down that bottle of Sriracha in the fridge since it was factory sealed. Now’s the time to replace it with this year’s chile-est condiment, which works as well on pizza as it does on ice cream — and you, if they still need some convincing.

10. Mike Mills’ Pill Print Boxer Shorts from Sleepy Jones ($49)
The next best thing to Berocca when it comes to curing a hangover is waking up in clean underwear, so whatever sent your bae to bed in a daze, leave them waking up in a fresh pair of undies, which double as a gentle reminder to take some aspirin, too.

11. Christina Kelly’s Greek Coffee Cups from the New Museum ($45)
The city’s Greek coffee shops and their classic Anthora cups, which date back to 1963, may soon be history, so don’t miss the opportunity to make them a permanent part of someone’s collection. These limited edition 10-packs designed by Brooklyn artist Christina Kelly flip the cup’s original sentiment, and feature a graphic depiction of Greek affection as old as time.

12. Ferrero Pocket Coffee from Buon Italia ($4.35)
It takes a stack of Dunkin Donuts gift cards to stuff a stocking, so go old school with these retro-packaged caffeinated chocolate imports from Buon Italia at Chelsea Market, where a five pack of the candies costs less than the price of your dignity ordering a Coolatta.

13. Five-Pound Box of Thaan Charcoal from Pok Pok ($8)
You know who really deserves coal for Christmas? Anyone who appreciates the char of Andy Ricker’s Thai-style Pok Pok-brand fruit wood briquettes provide. Also: Anyone who doesn’t appreciate them.

14. Christmas Cereal from Dominique Ansel ($15.50)
What beats lining up for a Cronut on Christmas morning? Knowing someone cared enough to visit the Spring Street bakery in your stead, so you can crunch on a bowl of the pastry chef’s breakfast fix loaded with caramelized milk chocolate Rice Krispies, toasted hazelnuts, and meringues.

15. Walking Petit Four by Laurie Simmons from Artspace ($2000)
What to get the girl who has everything and eats cupcakes in her bathtub? This limited edition print signed by Lena Dunham’s mom, Laurie Simmons.

16. Pizza Underground Tote Bag ($15)
Nothing’s more Christmas than Macaulay Culkin, and nothing’s more pizza than Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band Pizza Underground. If you missed scoring some merch at the Home Aloner’s Bowery Ballroom show last week, you can place an order seamlessly from the act’s new Etsy shop.

17. The Sundae Toolbox from Jeni’s at Gansevoort Market ($36)
Perfect for anyone who’s ever worn an Ohio State jersey to Santacon, you can now pick up this three-pack of Columbus’s most beloved ice cream toppings from the scoop shop’s new Meatpacking outpost.

18. Chateau D’estoublon Oil and Vinegar Table Set from Ideal Cheese ($46.95)
Know someone whose perfume is even heavier than they are? They’ll love scenting their greens with this haute duo of organic extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar spritzers

19. Jeff Koons Jigsaw Puzzle from the Whitney Museum ($38)
Exclusive to the Whitney, the pop artist’s 204-piece homage to the Trix Rabbit should keep your kids busy until the museum’s new building opens next May.

20. Will Cotton Wrapping Paper from RX Art ($15)
We can’t wrap our guide for the year until your last gift’s under the tree, so seal these deals with the confection painter’s insatiable wrapping paper. Fair warning, your loved ones may fail to admire it if their appetite for the season’s anything like ours.