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Ah, Christmas morning, when little ones delight in unwrapping their brand-new taxidermic two-headed chickens. Jimmy can’t wait to explore his wax anatomical model of syphilis, and little Susie loves her Victorian mourning doll made with real human hair. Your family can have such a happy holiday too, Brooklynites. This weekend the Morbid Anatomy Museum hosts its Annual Holiday Fair, a truly bizarre bazaar during which the venue’s basement is transformed into a marketplace where the macabre at heart can shop for all the dark wares they desire. Browse the compelling selection of books, one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry, and art made by students of the museum’s many workshops (hint: most of those workshops involve anthropomorphic stuffed rodents). That person on your list who seems to have everything? We bet they don’t have a wet specimen of a baby pig, or a dinnerware set printed with X-ray images of the various stages of digestion. Nothing makes a better stocking-stuffer than a handful of antique human teeth!

Dec. 13-14, noon, 2014