The 10 Most Bizarre Justin Timberlake Fan Reactions to Justin Timberlake


Better Than: Taylor Swift’s star-studded birthday party.

As Justin Timberlake closes out his most recent run of the 20/20 tour, he made a stop at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and brought along the borough’s most famous rapper, Jay-Z, for a hit-packed set. Here’s what some of the biggest JT fans had to say:

  • “Yo, I’m just lookin’ forward to the women.”
  • “This is the first show I’ve seen since Kanye’s Glow in the Dark tour.”
  • “OMG, I haven’t YouTubed anything yet about this show.”
  • “His catalog of hits is the shit, bigger than his past stuff.”
  • “[Justin’s] Madison Square Garden show was kind of scary.”
  • “Justin! Jus-tin. Justin!! Justin?”
  • “Is drinking Starbucks before we go in a good idea?”
  • “I don’t think he was really at Taylor Swift’s birthday.”
  • “With VIP tickets you don’t get to meet him, but you do get free drinks.”
  • “Yes, my JT shirt has blinking LED lights.”

Critic’s Notebook:
Random Notebook Dump: @#*$#* FUCKIN JAY Z

Critical Bias: Proud JT fan-girl since the ’90s.