Who says comics have to put people down to be funny? Call it the anti-roast. If you need a little uplifting this holiday season — and who doesn’t? — Brooklyn comic Jo Firestone combines the borough’s two favorite activities in her new show: relentless self-examination followed by heedless self-gratification. And with her, it’s funny. In Your Fantastic Life!, audience members are invited to enter their name in a bucket if they identify as miserable — again, who doesn’t? — so that the team of performers can attempt to make each individual’s life better. Tonight’s stand-in therapists include a wide swath of New York indie talent, like Joe Rumrill, Julio Torres, Jacqueline Novak, and more. Not everyone is guaranteed life improvement, so arrive early to ensure a happy outcome.

Tue., Dec. 23, 8 p.m., 2014

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