Ugly sweaters used to be the punchline in a David Letterman monologue; now they’re an essential fashion statement. Here’s the perfect event to wear your ugly sweater to: The Mets are hosting the fourth annual Ugly Sweater Run, which they bill as “The Ugliest 5K on the Planet.” Not your usual holiday celebration, the event is sponsored by Human Movement, whose president, Jeff Suffolk, made the group’s intentions clear: “Our goal for this race is to give people a well-deserved break from the holiday madness and to brighten their holiday spirits.” The course at Citi Field is about 3.1 miles long, with hot-chocolate stations every mile. After the run, the festival offers two beers for participants over 21 plus unlimited hot apple cider for everyone. Runners also receive a custom knit hat. Come out and run off some of that inevitable holiday stress. (You’re welcome to laugh at other runners’ sweaters, as they’ll surely laugh at yours.)

Sat., Dec. 20, 11 a.m., 2014