Here Are 52 Bands Available to Play Your Office’s Last-Minute Holiday Party


Corporate holiday parties can be SO dull. Gone are the days of photocopying butts and making out in the janitor’s closet. Thankfully, just in time to save the season, comedian Joe Rumrill came up with a list of bands guaranteed to thrill and horrify even the most staid CEO.

  • Motörsled
  • Wreatha Franklin
  • Igloo Reed
  • The Hark!ade Fire
  • MistleToto
  • Icicle-ective Soul
  • The Christmasfits (with Danzig of the Sugarplum Fairies)
  • Feliz NaviGodsmack
  • Three Nog Night
  • Deck the Hall and Oates
  • Elfis Costell-It On The Mountain
  • Joy Division
  • Good King Wenceslas Lonely Boys
  • On Johnny Cash-er
  • On Steely Dan-cer
  • On Prince-er
  • On Styx-in
  • On The Comet-dores
  • On Sonic You-pid
  • Madonner
  • and Blitzen Trapper
  • The Rudolphspring
  • Teu!
  • The Electric Light Orchestra
  • Godspeed Ye! Merry Gentlemen
  • We Three Kings of Orient R.E.M
  • Menorah Threat
  • Saves the Dreidel
  • Latke Hoople
  • Hannukah Montannukah
  • Zwan-zaa
  • Jolly Old Saint Nickelback
  • Merrylin Manson
  • Pepperminterpol
  • Hole Hole Hole
  • Holly Jolly Hatchet
  • Freez-Z Top
  • Jason Brrraz
  • Bonnie Grinch Billy
  • The B-Fifty Sleighbells Jinglin’ Ring Ting Tinglin’ 2’s
  • Plowerman 5000
  • North Pole Dirty Bastard
  • Billy Joël
  • The 25th of Decemberment Plan
  • The Stocking Heads (Stop Frankincense)
  • It Came Nirvana Midnight Clear
  • Chimney Hendrix
  • The Falalalalallman Brothers Band
  • Scrooge Against the Machine
  • Sleigher
  • Coldplay

Reprinted with permission from Joe Rumrill. Read more of his stuff at See Rumrill December 22 at Over the Eight in Williamsburg. (Facebook event page here.)