Where to Find Some of the Best Fries in the City


We’ll soon drop our list of the best new bars in the city, and it will include Boilermaker (13 First Avenue, 212-995-5400), the neighborhood bar that pays ode to the beer and the shot (while slinging an affordable list of well-priced drinks) that replaced the ’70s-themed Golden Cadillac earlier this year. We really enjoy sipping cocktails made with brown spirits at this establishment, but we’d be lying if we told you that drinks were the only reason we keep wandering back through the door.

You see, Boilermaker’s chef Miguel Trinidad (who also mans the burners at Filipino spots Jeepney and Maharlika) offers a simple menu of American drinking food, and in addition to wings and onion rings, serves some of the best fries in the city. They’re of the hand cut steak fry variety, and they do time in boiling oil until their casings become slightly crispy, their interiors soft and pillowy. They’re then liberally salted and served with ketchup plus your choice of aioli — we’re partial to the classic, of course, and the type laced with horseradish.

You get a heap of these potato sticks for just five bucks, and when they arrive, you’ll likely think you’ll never finish the portion. You will. And if you’ve had a few cocktails — or possibly even if you haven’t — you’ll probably order another basket as soon as you’ve sadly plucked the last skinny fry from its hiding spot among the folds of paper.

You can also get these fries alongside a worthy burger dressed in pickles and fig aioli.