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Say hello to 2015 by way of 1890 and 1950, the interval during which America dipped into and out of Prohibition as the silver screen glittered. Dances of Vice brings the best of Old Hollywood right here to the financial district. Ragtime piano riffs and a silent-film parlor deliver you to the fin de siècle on the first floor, while the Gelber & Manning Sextet crank out hot jazz in the second floor’s art deco ballroom. Boogie-woogie to big-band swing, courtesy of the Tickled Pinks, on the third floor. One of these floors contains a glamor portrait photo booth, and on all floors: live burlesque, cirque, and dance entertainment (including your own). An extra $80 will give you access to a luxe dinner buffet and a table for the night. Why not jitterbug, Charleston, and Lindy Hop your way into the new year?

Wed., Dec. 31, 10 p.m., 2014

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