Hummus Kitchen Serves Healthy Sandwiches for Less Than $10


Fast-casual eateries come in all shapes and sizes these days. There are salubrious salad chains, greasy burger joints, and Americanized Mexican galore. Each has its appropriate opportunity for enjoyment, but there are times when you want something quick and inexpensive that’s just healthy and good. Hummus Kitchen (129 Havemeyer, Brooklyn; 347-689-2357) serves a selection of hearty sandwiches that ring in under $10.

Owned and operated by the same folks who are responsible for high-end progressive Middle Eastern spot Zizi Limona, the casual counter-order shop offers similar fare at lower price-points. Several locations are spread throughout the city; however, the Williamsburg outpost is by far the cheapest.

For vegetarians, it offers an excellent falafel laffa ($8) with hummus, lettuce, chopped salad, pickles, and tahini. On the carnivorous front, there’s a ground beef sirloin kebab ($10) finished with hummus, tahini, lettuce, and chopped salad.

Our favorite is omnivorous: the Moroccan ($10). Wrapped in a fluffy pita, roasted chicken breast mingles with fragrant hummus, crisp lettuce, harissa, chopped salad, and fresh parsley. It has everything you could want in a handheld meal; it’s creamy and savory with a hint of spice. You’ll be satiated, but you won’t feel like you have a brick of grease in your stomach when you’re finished. Plus, it’ll help to cross two resolutions off your list (health and budget).