A New Beer for a New Year


A new year is upon us, which means it’s time to make promises we’ll never keep. Many folks commit to a healthier lifestyle in a desperate attempt to erase those pesky extra pounds, stubborn remnants of holiday decadence. But for most, all those good intentions have fallen by the wayside some time before Groundhog Day. Because who wants to give up the caloric-yet-comforting food and drink that makes us happy? A far easier resolution to uphold would involve adding awesomeness into your life rather than denying yourself it. That’s why I typically start the year by promising myself to drink better beer than the year before. I haven’t failed yet. And I wish you similar success. So to start 2015, let’s pour a pint of something to honor our lofty goals for the months ahead: Mosaic Promise from Founder’s Brewing.

Named for the fruity hops varietal dominating the beer’s flavor profile, Mosaic Promise was a one-off IPA produced in mid 2014. Bottles still remain, albeit in limited quantity, and have aged surprisingly well, maintaining a piney fresh tingle to support the light, sessionable frame. Most beer with a hops-induced bitterness will see that characteristic diminish rapidly, as the alpha acids responsible for a rusty tin taste have a penchant for speedy disintegration. But this beer holds up in the new year.

And so, too, shall your resolution.

If you vowed to be healthier, or drink better, in the months ahead, Mosaic Promise proves those two aims don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Most craft connoisseurs describe the attributes of Mosaic to be a medley of ripened mango, tropical fruit, and mood-heightening herbal notes. That all sounds mighty friendly to the mind and body. And let us never forget that hops are a vegetable — the cornerstone of any nutritious diet. So, by all means, have your beer and drink it, too.

Although Founder’s brews its beer amid the unforgiving tundra of middle Michigan, it enjoys terrific distribution throughout New York and is widely available at bars and bodegas across town. If you’re vowing to consume craftier suds in the ensuing months, keep an eye out for the brewery’s impressive assortment of flagship pale ales, porters, and stouts. All of them — along with some super-rare standouts — will be on tap at Barcade in Williamsburg during a special Founder’s tap takeover on January 15.

In the months ahead, the new gym membership might prove to have been money misspent. But a six-pack of Mosaic Promise is guaranteed to satisfy.