NYPD Suspends Officer for Driving Police Cruiser That Injured Hood-Surfing Cop


An NYPD officer in the 70th Precinct has been suspended for his role in the injuring of a fellow officer who was caught on video riding on the hood of a police cruiser.

The video, which Eyewitness News reported was taken at Seton Place and Parkville Avenue, shows a police officer falling off of a moving patrol car before police run out to attend to him. The intersection is a two-minute walk from the office of the NYPD’s 70th Precinct, according to Google Maps.

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According to reports, the officer was taken to the Lutheran Trauma Center with “a police escort and chopper overhead,” according to the cop-watch website

An officer operating the switchboard in the 70th Precinct confirmed for the Voice that the gentleman in the video was an officer. “Yes, he’s OK,” she said, although she did not have additional details about his injuries.

According to the Eyewitness News report, the NYPD has opened a full investigation into the incident.