Mac DeMarco’s Used Sneakers Have Sold for $21,100 on eBay


Update, 11:14 a.m., January 7: The winning bidder rescinded their bid and the auction ended, but DeMarco’s handlers tell us that he and Vans shoe company are teaming up to donate the $21,100 to Brooklyn’s Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. Seems like there’s a happy ending to this story, after all.

Our music feature last week detailed the massive reaction to musician Mac DeMarco spontaneously listing an old pair of Vans on eBay. Fueled by love of the “pepperoni playboy” and the fact the money was going to a worthy cause, hundreds of people tried to outbid one another on the sneaks. Within 24 hours, they were going for more than $11,000.

The auction ended at 6:15 p.m. Eastern today. The winning bid? $21,100. All of that money will go directly to the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. DeMarco (who is in Japan at the moment) confirmed through his rep that he will speak directly with the camp to see how the money will be used.

DeMarco told the Voice last week that the auction was a bit random:

“I was getting a little stir-crazy over the holidays, being home while everyone’s out of town,” he said.

“I didn’t want to keep the money for myself. I thought that would be kind of greasy.”

DeMarco says he didn’t know too much about Willie Mae before he posted the shoes online, but that he had several friends volunteer in analogous organizations when he lived in Vancouver. “They would teach young kids how to rock,” he says. “There was a similar place in Brooklyn — seemed cool to me.”