Premiere: Watch Loveskills’ Endearingly Woozy New Video for ‘Chanel’


Holed up in Williamsburg, the producer Loveskills creates emotional electro-tinged ballads. After dropping the six-track Pure EP late last year on the No Shame label, he’s now released a woozy and endearingly hazy video for the track “Chanel.” Ahead of his show January 12 at Mercury Lounge, you can check out our premiere of the video, while also reading about his approach to production, how drum’n’bass rhythms influence his music, and his inaugural New York City gig experience that involved Jewfros and a Led Zeppelin cover.

What’s the concept behind the “Chanel” video?
The story is like an unobtainable dream. I’m trying to get a clear vision of this girl, but the memories are too abstract and too hard to find.

Who directed the video?
Yuichi Uchida, who also directed the previous video, for “Fine Lines.” We’ve been collaborating on audio/visual work for a while. In 2008, he along with Poolsidesign directed a couple of music videos for an earlier project of mine called Nite Club. We’ve always had a nice melding of styles and we’re still going strong.

Who’s the girl who begins to appear toward the end of the video?
That’s Latiana Blue elegantly phasing in and out of my imagination. She was also a real pro keeping her cool while we were filming in the freezing cold.

How would you describe the vibe of the song’s production?
It’s a sort of folksy tune juxtaposed with footwork, indie and trap atmospherics.

What inspired the lyrics to the song?
Maybe it’s personal…It’s about the feeling of being graced by someone’s beauty while also being rejected or left behind. It’s the memory that’s more powerful as it creates your happiness.

At times it seems like the song teeters on the edge of breaking into a drum’n’bass rhythm. Is that something that’s influenced your sound?
One hundred percent yes. I’m a junglist at heart. I’ve always looked to bring those rhythmic and sonic elements into play.

Which artist would you most like to remix the track?
It’s funny you should ask, because one of my favorite footwork producers out of Chicago, EQ WHY, is doing a remix and it should be out soon on No Shame. I also wouldn’t mind an Aphex Twin mix if he was interested, or Pinback, but I don’t think they do remixes.

If someone hasn’t heard your music before, why should they check out the rest of your Pure EP?
The title, Pure, was also my mission in creating these songs. I delved into my most naive and sincere senses to write this music. I also actually didn’t listen to many other bands or producers at the time. In keeping the vision pure, I hope to inspire a glimpse towards the realm of untapped musical expression.

Finally, can you remember the first time you played a show in New York City?
Of course! It was a full house at a spot called Shakers in Queens. We were three fifteen-year-olds with matching Jewfros head-banging in synchronicity to our twenty-minute version of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter.” I remember like it was yesterday.

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