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Led by Brooklyn middle-school gym teacher Michael Ginsburg, the Zlatne Uste (“golden lips”) Brass Band is the country’s oldest Balkan combo. For thirty years, Zlatne Uste has hosted its annual Golden Festival, a pandemonium-inducing indoor Balkan bash that currently crams some 61 bands and 3,000 folk-dance fanatics into a Brooklyn bar mitzvah factory. The joyous, inclusive, and diverse four-stage lineup is anchored by a quintet of fine local brass bands augmented by dozens of Balkan, Turkish, Macedonian, and other Eastern European ensembles boasting varying degrees of authenticity and innovation, from a cappella to electronica. This year’s out-of-town surprises include Detroit Balkan-soul combo Ornamatik, New Orleans Balkan-funk stew Blato Zlato (“swamp gold”), and Washington, D.C., Balkan-glam group Black Masala. Come for the complimentary meze, stay for the eternal circle dances.

Jan. 16-18, 7 p.m., 2015

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