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Perhaps this dark and foggy winter has turned your heart cold as ice. You long for an evening of live horror and carnality — but the old-fashioned kind, like they used to stage in Paris in the 1890s. A hint of Edgar Allan Poe. Terror combined with farce and perhaps a soupçon of gore — that sort of thing. Knowing that the Flea Theater has been staging not one but four different programs of delectably deplorable short Grand-Guignol dramas, you might simply throw up your hands in Gallic distress. Mon Dieu! How to choose from these eye-gougings and blood-splatterings? Well, you are in luck: Thrill-seeking audiences to date have been voting for their favorite brutalities from The Cutthroat Series, and the winning shows will be performed together this month. The suspense might just kill you.

Jan. 15-25, 9 p.m., 2015

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