Special Counsel for Brooklyn D.A. Named CCRB’s New Executive Director


The city’s independent police watchdog, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, has found a new executive director.

Mina Malik, currently special counsel for Brooklyn D.A. Kenneth Thompson, is scheduled to begin work in February.

The CCRB has been without a permanent executive director since early October, when Tracey Catapano-Fox, who had held the post since 2013, was ousted in an acrimonious dismissal.

The CCRB’s chair, Richard Emery, was appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in July and has promised significant reforms to an agency he has characterized as dysfunctional. The board is charged with reviewing complaints from citizens about police interactions, determining their merit and, in some cases, recommending disciplinary measures. The NYPD commissioner, William Bratton, is the final arbiter of officer punishments, and critical reports in recent months have demonstrated that CCRB recommendations are frequently ignored.

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Catapano-Fox is currently suing the city over her dismissal, and has accused Emery of trying to protect the NYPD by squashing a report critical of stop-and-frisk practices, and for tolerating sexual harassment within the agency.

According to the CCRB, Malik has spent the past few years as part of Thompson’s restructuring team, helping him establish his office. Before that, she worked as a prosecutor in Queens, handling child abuse and sexual assault cases in the special victims unit.

Malik declined an interview, but a statement released by the CCRB said in part that she planned to “advance the Board’s reform agenda for the CCRB, and in so doing, build a stronger, more effective agency in which the public and the police have confidence. When civilian oversight is professional and fair, and justice swift, it can help strengthen the relationship between the police and the communities they serve.”