This Rodeo Clown Dances Like Nobody’s Watching


Although he clearly has this routine timed to the beat, professional rodeo clown Flint Rasmussen seems utterly carefree in those shorts and Nike soccer shoes. He just dances like nobody’s watching. Watch as his movements become more fluid and exaggerated. Then you’ll notice audience members start to clap along to “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Once he’s got them right where he wants them, he begins to really flourish.

And the best part is that his dancing seems to rub off on everyone who sees him….Well, almost everyone:

The former high school math teacher seems to have parlayed his talent for captivating chatty teens into the high-stakes world of professional rodeo clowning. The 47-year-old was in New York this past weekend as part of the Professional Bull Riders tour. We documented the Montana native’s day: entertaining the crowds between rides, meeting with riders, and dodging bulls’ horns.

Above, the crowd inside Madison Square Garden waits: Ostensibly there for the competitive aspects of the PBR event, they are likely thinking about what moves Flint is going to debut that afternoon.

Here’s Flint backstage, before the makeup:

Here he is applying his clown paint:

And here’s Flint fully made-up. Behind the paint are the icy blue eyes of a man who’s stared back at the biggest bulls in the world and not blinked:

Here’s Flint (seen in the background), waiting to distract the bull — once its rider is bucked off, of course. He’s ready to jump into action.

And while rodeos don’t have a seventh-inning stretch, there was still time to do the “YMCA”:

Later, Flint meets with a rider, who probably congratulates him on another excellent display of bull distraction:

After his stop in NYC, Flint was as humble as ever:

Some of his routines won’t age well, and some were more strange than broadly funny, but all are sort of hypnotic.

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