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The private collections of eccentrics are fascinating by default, but even more so when the eccentric has a taste for the macabre. That’s where you’ll find two-faced kittens, exploded skeleton bits, and the Physica Sacra, a lavish five-volume text that is older than our country. The Morbid Anatomy Museum has plucked all of these and more for its second exhibition, The Collector’s Cabinet. Join MAM staffers (including DJ-in-residence Friese Undine), stars from the TV show Oddities, and other morbidity experts for a preview of the exhibition, which includes a Victorian scrapbook filled with human hair and a human tattoo in a jar. Gasp at founder Joanna Ebenstein’s photographs of astonishing collections from around the world. There will be wine, cheese, and dead animals.

Fri., Jan. 23, 8 p.m., 2015