Who couldn’t use a year’s worth of peace, love, and “woolly gentleness”? It might sound like copy from a Tide ad, but that’s what’s in store for the coming Year of the Sheep, a softer, kinder year than 2014’s bucking Year of the Horse. But that doesn’t mean celebrations will be as subdued. Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company will enliven Brooklyn College once again at its second annual Lunar New Year Celebration. In addition to their trademark repertoire of colorful dance-theater pieces, Nai-Ni Chen will collaborate with ten guest artists hailing from Sichuan province and Beijing. Performances follow the trajectory of a year, starting with Double Lions Welcoming Spring and progressing to Gu Ze Yung Ge, the harvest dance. As is custom, the event will culminate with the Dragon Dance, the traditional and by-far-most-spectacular dance, which is said to bring spectators good luck in the new year. The Chinese Musical Ensemble of New York will provide live accompaniment.

Sun., Jan. 25, 3 p.m., 2015