New York’s Nonexistent Blizzard Has Created a Blood Supply ‘Emergency’


Our fair city may have dodged a bullet, as the so-called Blizzard of 2015 drifted eastward and spared the Big Apple most of the doomsday scenarios that meteorologists and, ultimately, public officials had predicted.

But as New Yorkers braced for the storm and prepared for the worst, they apparently stopped giving blood. And now the New York Blood Center is asking for more.

“For us, the storm that wasn’t may as well have been the storm that was,” says Jim Fox, a Blood Center spokesman.

The storm created a twofold problem for the nonprofit, which supplies about 200 regional hospitals with blood. Even as the Blood Center was forced to cancel its regularly scheduled donation drives, it was also asked to pre-stock some of its hospital clients with reserves to deal with potential storm fallout.

“We’re behind,” Fox says, adding that he’s asking people to come in and make up the difference. “Patients in the hospital didn’t get a snow day,” he says.

The process is simple — it takes about an hour — and it doesn’t hurt, so pony up. Also, they usually give you a cookie afterwards, so, bonus.

Here is where New Yorkers can donate.

Update Wed, Jan. 28, 5:12 p.m.
Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a statement asking New Yorkers to help the center get back up to speed. “New York City’s blood supply is experiencing a shortage due to cancellations related to inclement weather,” de Blasio said. “I urge healthy New Yorkers to help us rebuild our blood bank and set aside less than one hour of their time to donate blood — it’s not painful, you will get a free basic medical exam, and most importantly, you can help save many lives.”