Voice Choices



Artists scramble to get their work into the prestigious Fresh Tracks performance and residency program, but the game is worth the candle: Each of the seven chosen choreographers receives a commission fee, 59 hours of rehearsal space, and professional development training. Opening tonight are Same as Sister (Canadians Briana Brown-Tipley and Hilary Brown) in Women Times Three; Illinois country boy Nico Brown in Nation; Korean He Jin Jang in migrant-self the speed of a door; Virginia-born Niall Jones’s a pleasure, 2014 edition; Virginian Julie Mayo’s Buoys for Escapees; and Brooklynite Lindsay Reuter’s Good Evening, Strangers, a duet for herself and her brother Dan. All these artists talk a good line; whether their new dances deliver remains to be seen. Arrive early at 6:30 tonight to toast the series’ 50th anniversary.

Jan. 29-31, 7:30 p.m., 2015

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