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Oh, Williamsburg. Only you would combine the childhood nostalgia of this low-tech arcade game with the blue-collar fetishism of cheap, mass-produced American beer. The result? A damn good time. Brewskee-Ball, the first social Skee-Ball league of its kind, is rolling out its eight-week Winter “Skeeson” (yeah, they’re big on the puns). Bring yourself and “skee amigos” down to the Kick-Off Jamboree and Groundhog Day Toast, to sign up or just enjoy the beer and vodka open bar while watching the ruckus rollers do their thing. Stick around for a cake, pie, cookie, and doughnut buffet and a late-night screening of Groundhog Day. Tonight’s the time to scoop up discounts on registration and pre-paid bar deals for the season. Get in on the action now, before things culminate in a tournament for the coveted World Mug trophy — you guessed it, it comes filled with beer.

Mon., Feb. 2, 7 p.m., 2015

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