It’s Fate: First Teen Malia Obama Must Move to New York


First Teen Malia Obama got online New Yorkers into a tizzy when she was spotted Friday on campus tours of New York University, Barnard College, and Columbia University.

The Sidwell Friends School junior started her day at NYU for a tour of campus before heading to Community Food & Juice, a popular local brunch spot in Morningside Heights where many Columbia students bring their moms. Michelle Obama, of course, was there as well (perhaps scoping out some sites for the new Presidential Library?).

FLOTUS! Michelle and Malia Obama at Columbia! #brunch

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NYU spokesman James Dewitt declined to comment on the celebrity sighting, saying, “We don’t talk about campus visitors, no matter who they are.” But according to Twitter time-stamps by excited observers, the Obamas then stopped by Columbia University’s Butler Library before taking a tour of Barnard College.

“Malia Obama walked by me in Butler [Library] and we made eye contact and it was awesome,” said Twitter’s @MyRugiPan. “She has such a sass face I love it!”

So do we, @MyRugiPan. We love Malia’s face. And we love her.

Malia Obama on campus today touring. #maliaobama #firstfamily #ivyleague #obamas #nyc

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There’s a whole host of reasons why Malia Obama is destined for New York. First of all, in 2014, President Barack Obama perked up the ears of the Big Apple when friends told Politico that he missed his life in New York City. New York magazine and the Post covered the story this summer, and speculated as to whether he might move here at the end of his term. Sure, every student thinks she wants to live far away from her parents when she goes to college. But when it comes to easy Costco runs, free laundry, and begging your parents to make you soup, living near Mom and Dad just can’t be beat.

(If Barack Obama did move to New York, he’d definitely have the coolest post-presidential zip code of recent retired presidents. Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton call Westchester County’s woodsy hamlet of Chappaqua, New York, home, while George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, spend much of their time in Dallas, Texas. Snooze.)

Second, Pro Era supporter Malia will be joining a bunch of other recent White House spawn: Chelsea Clinton and the Bush sisters all live in New York. Worried about people treating you as the president’s kid? Don’t worry! After a couple years in New York City, no one will even be able to remember your name!

Finally, Malia Obama wants to make movies, reports Gothamist, and surely there’s no place better for a budding young artist to hang out than the hipster enclave of Bushwick. We’ll save some microbrew for you at our next warehouse rager, Malia — and unlike those mean dudes in Texas who met Jenna and Barbara Bush, we’ll promise not to rat you out for using a fake ID, either.

Michelle Obama leaving Community. Credit: Elena Caminer

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