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If You Must Know, That Was Lemon Herbal Tea in Bill de Blasio’s Mug


Bill de Blasio is a lemon herbal tea fan, he informed the city today, putting to rest the question New Yorkers have been asking for more than a year.

While unveiling his $77.7 billion budget proposal for fiscal year 2016, the mayor took several sips from a mug before being asked by a reporter what he was drinking. De Blasio replied that he was drinking lemon herbal tea “with honey and more lemon.”

Herbal tea is widely considered the perfect beverage to beat the frosty February blues and is known to help prevent sore throats and soothe symptoms of the common cold. The non-caffeinated drink is also often described by beverage connoisseurs as a “tisane,” a word that refers to any infusion of dried herbs steeped in water for the resulting flavorful properties.

This discovery of the mayor’s tea preferences left us with a litany of questions: What brand of lemon tea was it? Does he often drink herbal tea? Does he have a favorite brand? Does he have a favorite flavor? Does he prefer herbal tea to black tea or coffee? Does he avoid caffeine entirely? Was he drinking the tea to stave away an illness of his own? It wouldn’t be unprecedented, as the mayor told the Post during a June 2014 interview that he was sipping herbal tea because he thought he was “getting a cold.”

The mayor’s press office did not have time to immediately entertain our questions about his tea preferences. A spokesman said the grown-ups were busy answering media questions about “the budget” (sigh, fiiiiiiiine). However, as soon as we receive a response regarding his hot beverage predilections, we will be sure to update this story.

This isn’t the first time the mayor’s quintessentially Brooklyn™ drinking decisions have made their way into his official business. During a recent press conference on crime statistics, de Blasio was spotted forgoing the common plastic water bottle in favor of its more hippie- (read: Park Slope–) friendly reusable aluminum counterparts.

The mayor’s appreciation for lemon tisane was made only two days after President Obama described tea-drinking proclivities of his own. In a lengthy interview with Vox, Obama said, “I get a thick book full of death, destruction, strife, and chaos. That’s what I take with my morning tea.”

Now we all know what they were really talking about when de Blasio met with Obama in December.



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