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Valentine’s Day may have derived its traditions from the ancient Roman Lupercalia, a pagan fertility rite in mid-February, and its name from any number of martyred Catholic saints, but it really transformed into the love-and-commerce fest we know today in 1847, when the first mass-produced Valentine cards became popular in the United States. Tonight, celebrate America’s Victorian ties to the holiday at a real Victorian mansion (coincidentally also made in 1847). Michael Arenella, aficionado of all things old-timey, and his Dreamland Orchestra host the sixth annual Sweetheart Soirée at Norwood Mansion. Guests of every relationship status can enjoy a formal evening of intrigue and enchantment with dancing, artisanal cocktails, and sweet treats. The Queen Esther jazz trio and Minsky Sisters tap company will also perform, but be sure to find the time to sneak away to the portrait-and-kissing booth.

Sat., Feb. 14, 9 p.m., 2015

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