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It’s well known that New York is a foodie’s paradise. So let’s get hyper-focused: Its dessert game is right up there as well. Candy and treats are a subcategory worthy of exploring without all that dinner preamble, so this week, get to know some of the city’s best confectioners with Sugartooth Tours. The special-edition Sweeter Than Sugar Valentine’s Tour is a way better gift than a measly box of chocolates, making stops at City Cakes — home of the half-pound cookie — the Chocolate Bar for truffles, Sweet Revenge for cupcakes, Ronnybrook for hot chocolate to wash it all down, and more surprise locations around Chelsea and the West Village. If you feel even slightly guilty about two and a half hours of continuous cakey consumption, perish the thought — you’ll walk it all off in between. A non-Valentine’s-themed version of the tour runs year-round on Sundays.

Sun., Feb. 15, 2 p.m., 2015

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