You Can Now Have Glatt Kosher Meal Kits Delivered Via Kitchn Synch


Over the past few years, meal kit delivery service like Plated and Blue Apron have revolutionized cooking at home — the companies deliver all of the tools for assembly of a recipe, plus said recipe, and promise that even if you’ve never used your oven for anything but storage, you can put out a solid meal in your own kitchen. Both companies launched in New York, and, as testament to their success, both have spread nationwide (and if you’d like to see a comparison of the two, we’ve tested them side by side). What they don’t offer, at least not in any expansive way, is meal kits for people with extensive dietary restrictions. You may be able to say that you don’t eat meat, but you can’t specify that you’re Paleo, for instance. And if you build your diet around religious strictures, forget it. That leaves the door open for companies like Kitchn Synch, a glatt kosher meal kit delivery service that launched this week.

Douglas Soclof, the company’s creator, built his entire career around glatt kosher food. His first restaurant was a glatt kosher barbecue restaurant that grew to fourteen locations, including outlets in Miami, upstate New York, and New Jersey. He dabbled in the kosher-coffee business. And then, he says, “I saw the trend in the non-kosher world in the meal kit industry, and thought, hey, what a great way to start servicing the kosher market.”

While the philosophy of servicing is the same as with Blue Apron or Plated — you order a meal, the components show up on your doorstep — Kitchn Synch is abiding by the very strict guidelines of the glatt kosher diet. Ingredients are painstakingly sourced from contacts Soclof has made over his years in the business, and you’ll never find, say, dairy and meat in the same box.

Soclof is finding global inspiration for his recipes, so you can expect to see items like sangria chicken, cauliflower fried rice, and an umami-dusted burger with fries. “We’re introducing a lot of unique dishes to the kosher consumer that they may not have had the opportunity to experience,” says the owner. “We might try to create as a kosher item something in the non-kosher world. Or bring things back from a nostalgic time. Or use old restaurant recipes, and culinary trends.”

As with Plated and Blue Apron, recipes are designed so everyone, from an inexperienced home cook to a seasoned kitchen pro, can learn something to add to their repertoire, and Soclof hopes to build an online community from people excited about the experience. “The past fourteen months of my life [were] committed to getting this project to where it is today,” he says. “The feedback has been unbelievable.”

You can order Kitchn Synch meals for two or four people, or opt for a family plan, which includes enough food for two adults plus three to four children under age fourteen. “Kosher trends usually follow non-kosher by years, not months,” says Soclof. “The meal kit business has not been around for business for a long time. It’s so exciting to be able to introduce this.”

Head to the Kitchn Synch website to order.