Where to Watch Cricket in NYC


Cricket is on the rise in New York, thanks mostly to immigrants from South Asia and the West Indies, where the sport became popular during the British colonial period. You can see it played live at parks in all five boroughs, though over the next several weeks, you may find these fields empty. The Cricket World Cup, held this year in Australia and New Zealand, is on now, and fans will be watching in bars and restaurants throughout the city. If you don’t know the difference between a sticky wicket and a dibbly-dobbly (real cricket terms!), visit these spots to acquaint yourself with one of the U.K.’s most indelible exports.

The Cricketers Arms (57 Murray Street; 212-619-5550)
Expats adore this cozy British pub, which serves “proper pints” of English beers and ciders and true U.K. classics like bangers ‘n’ mash, mushy peas, and Yorkshire pudding. They also love the flatscreens blaring cricket matches (as well as rugby, soccer, and Formula 1 racing). This Saturday, you can catch a doubleheader of Pakistan vs. the West Indies, and Australia vs. Bangladesh.

The Australian (20 West 38th Street; 212-869-8601)
Cricket is huge in Oz, and this midtown bar hosts World Cup viewing parties that quickly get packed. There are no reservations, so show up early if you want a glimpse of the games. The menu includes typical bar bites, as well as Australian specialties like kangaroo skewers, barramundi, and meat pies, plus an extensive drink list with plenty of Aussie beers and ciders. (Hint: Foster’s is not, in fact, “Australian for beer” — far more popular Down Under are Toohey’s and Cooper’s.)

Greenwich Village Bistro (13 Carmine Street; 212-206-9777)
This charming, family-owned restaurant has a Parisian vibe, but they’ve teamed up with NYC Indoor Cricket to show all the World Cup matches. Catch Sunday’s hotly anticipated South Africa vs. India match over steak frites or a croque-monsieur.

Trini-Gyul (112-16 Liberty Avenue, Queens; 718-659-1020)
This restaurant’s name comes from slang for a Trinidadian woman, and like the island nation, its menu reflects a rich mash-up of cultural influences. Here, you’ll find a spicy jerk chicken, roti, and curries, but also plantains, wontons, and chow mein. Try the bake and shark, a Trini street food of fried shark meat in flatbread, topped with condiments like chili or garlic sauce. Inside, it’s bright and inviting, with plenty of flatscreens well positioned for cricket-viewing.

Johnny’s Restaurant & Bar (10709 Rockaway Boulevard, Queens; 718-835-3035)
This spot comes with an endorsement from New York’s official news source for all things cricket. Situated opposite the Resort World Casino, Johnny’s attracts Caribbean expats with its goat curry, jerk pork, pepper shrimp, and roti, as well as its showings of cricket matches. Drop by after trying your luck at the slot machines across the street.

Sugandha Restaurant (483 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-438-8773)
Visit this Bangladeshi restaurant in Kensington to take in a game with diehard cricket fans from South Asia. Fill up on cheap goodies from the steam table first, like lamb biryani, goat curry, and well-seasoned veggie side dishes.

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