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If you’ve shared your life with little girls, or were one, you know the story behind the legend of Mulan, a tale of cross-dressing, filial piety, and moral courage — peasant girl joins the army in place of her aged father, and rises to the rank of general — widely taught in Chinese schools. Disney turned the fifth-century ballad into a successful animated film in 1998, and now the Hong Kong Dance Company, a touring troupe founded in 2001, brings the legendary woman warrior to Lincoln Center in a “folklore dance drama” with choreography by Yang Yuntao, music by Matthew Ma (and lyrics by Chris Shum, sung by a live children’s choir), and much pageantry, digital and fleshly, staged by designers Yuen Hon-wai, Karin Chiu, Yeung Tsz-yan, and John Wong.

March 5-8, 8 p.m., 2015

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