Ryan Adams Is Opening His Own Show in a Dress as ‘Natalie Sass’


Flight delays are a bitch, right? Natalie Prass is currently supporting Ryan Adams on the European leg of his tour, and travel headaches somewhere in Scandinavia led to Prass missing her flight and therefore her March 9 set in Copenhagen.

This is a bummer, but not a total loss for fans as a last-minute replacement took Prass’s place. And that last-minute replacement was none other than the headliner himself, sporting a dress and picking up his painted acoustic guitar to strum a few bars as “Natalie Sass.”

One look at Prass‘s and Adams‘s Twitter timelines and you can see that their trek to Copenhagen has been an unfortunate ride (or lack thereof, apparently). Prass voiced her frustrations earlier this morning and Adams chimed in, as Prass’s band experienced some difficulties with SAS, the airline tasked with getting them from point A to point B. SAS is in the midst of a strike; Adams made it to Copenhagen; Prass and Co. did not; and Adams vowed to avenge his tourmate:

Fast-forward to Adams’s set, where he sauntered out in an A-line polka-dot number, took to the mic and greeted his crowd as Natalie Sass before playing through a couple of Prass’s tunes.

Though it’s unfortunate that Prass missed out on a gig and is stuck somewhere in the land of Muppet chefs and meatballs, it’s fantastic to see an artist make the most of a less-than-deal situation while supporting his opener and making sure her music gets heard in her absence.

Prass may be briefly delayed on her road to world domination, Disney princess comparisons aside, but she will return to the States in the coming weeks to play South by Southwest. Adams just released Blue Light, his latest 7″ that taps both the East Village and the disconnect one feels on NYC’s subway as influences that helped shape the new tunes. Adams and Prass will continue their jaunt through Scandinavia before finishing up in Norway on March 13.

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